Analysis published by WomenDefendRojava

We like to share a good political analysis of the ongoing war published by WomenDefendRojava. Originally written by a friend in spanish.
It emphazises on the significance of the revolution in northeast Syria and the current imperialist conspiracy against it.

And if you want to learn more about the kurdish „şehîd“ culture and why „Şehîds are honoured but the culture doesn’t glorify death“, read this artice, also published by WomenDefendRojava:

„The revolutionary şehîd culture of the Kurdish movement famously says “martyrs do not die”. This means if we continue someone’s work, keep their struggle going, and live their values, then their energy and spirit is still with us. Women Defend Rojava is part of this tradition, carrying on the struggle of the thousands of women who have fallen fighting for freedom all over the world.“